A Statement on Proselytizing


We do not "proselytize" gentiles, especially in the sense of feeling obligated to "save" or "convert" people. This website, and the official understanding of Evyonut is that we provide information here for those who seek it. We will never come to you to purposely change your religious faith. There is no reason to do that. As a Muslim, Jew, Christian, Atheist, or what have you, you stand equally before God and are beneficiaries of whatever he has to bestow on mankind. We have no message that you must be "saved" by understanding God the way we do.

It is obvious that we have chosen a way that we prefer and feel to be most correct---for ourselves and anybody who wants to freely join us. Afterall, that is why you perhaps are not a Jew---because you have consciously (hopefully) have looked at Judaism and do not agree with it.

We do inform people on this website of the historical reasons of Evyonut, why it is not part of Christianity (against the claims of Christian sources), and how it differs. Additionally, we make people aware of historical events that encourages us to maintain our theological stance separate from Christianity. But since there is close historical connection, Christianity necessarily becomes the matrix of comparison. Most Ebionites are found in countries of Western tradtion. If we were in the East, other religions would enter into that matrix also.

Many of us, including myself, learned long ago that proselytizing is a wasted enterprise, and that only self-education can produce life changes involving choice. We will espouse tolerance and diversity of all of God's creation as something that exists for a reason, if we agree or understand or not. Whatever religion there is, we cannot support anything that is based on hate or denies God's gift of free will.

Individuals may become frustrated and make mistakes. These are indeed mistakes and should be corrected.

You will find that Ebionites will speak of their faith only when attacked in order to defend themselves, to clear up a negative misconception (Do Jews believe in God?), and when asked directly about a religious issue. We have a right to engage in religious conversations as any should be able to. Most of us avoid such conversations when it tries to revolve around Evyonut or Judaism, and will try to end the conversation. We have found them of no value to engage in. Most often we inform an inquirer of a third source, like a book or internet site (other than this one) so they may control their own education on this or whatever subject they prefer. In fact we discourage those show interest in conversion. Traditional Jews will discourage a potential convert three times. We do not care if they become Ebionites. We are happy if they embrace Judaism of some variety because we understand the extent of psychological growth that a conversion process represents.

We will try to proselytize you in becoming a person who does not damn anyone who does not accept your sectarian understanding of reality. We will encourage you to learn to reject racial hate. We will support you in counteracting religious traditions that have historically persecuted those who disagree with them and have engaged in racist programs. Other than that, approach God in the way you see fit, and may he give us all peace.