A Note to Sacred Namers

In the following pages, you will notice that I use the Sacred Name, Yahweh (YHWH) and also "Yahshua." This is not the place to mince over versions. But also you will see words of a more tainted background used. There are several reasons for this:

We use words etymologically related to *deuw [diw, diwa], like deity, divine, theology, occassionally but only in the most generic abstract sense

We use likewise 'god' or 'gods' occassionally, also in the generic sense, and almost without exception (allowing for a slip), when not speaking of Yahweh Elohim. We almost always use an indefinite article, and are referring to pagans 'gods' seeing that even generic Hebrew terms are misused to apply to gods of the nations, cultures, and historical study.

When we quote the words of another, we use the words that they spoke or use, verbatim, no matter how much I am opposed to using such terms.

We sometimes consider that non-Sacred Name folks drop by, and, at times, try to ease them into the Name(s), in order to offer teaching instead of obstruction, realizing that this should be done carefully and seldomly to not imply any equivalency between the Name(s) and usages unbefitting.

So, please, bear with such allowances. As a Sacred Namer, personally, for almost 20 years, I understand issues you may have. I never let the names of ba`alim or any pagan term or name cross my lips in the context of worship or personal faith. But there are times they appear in reference to pagan religions.


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