Sukkah Pictures 1998

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                                             mvc-004s.jpg (46966 bytes) This is our sukkah (shelter, "booth" or "tabernacle") for Hag Sukkot, or Feast of Tabernacles for 1998/ 5759. it sits on our deck that overlooks the small cliff behind the corner of our home.
It was made from surplus deck materials (too heavy), 4x4s and deck board. 1x2s traverse the top to support canopy of tree branches. mvc-006s.jpg (54381 bytes)
mvc-010s.jpg (36121 bytes)  

It provides a lot of kawannah with the view and the autumn air.

Here it is inside with the sides let down. It is very pleasant inside. Why does the covering roll up? A bad dog who wishes to participate in unacceptable ways makes it necessary to do so when we are unable to guard his mischief. mvc-012s.jpg (32328 bytes)