1 1941 

1941 Invading German troops imprison 8,000 Jews in Vilna, Poland (today Lithuanian S.S.R.).

Before the Soviets withdraw from Lvov, Poland (today Ukrainian S.S.R.), they kill 2,000 pris­oners—Poles, Jews, and Ukrainians. After their withdrawal, the Nazis invade Lvov, and give the Ukrainians three days to deal with the Jewish population. Ukrainians and Poles go into the prisons, find the murdered prisoners, and make the Jews responsible for the crime. In the course of a massacre lasting three days, 2,000 Jews are slain. The Nazis take photographs of the carnage.

  2 1941 1941 German troops occupy Stryj, in the prov­ince of Lvov, Poland (today Ukrainian S.S.R.), killing hundreds of its 12,000 Jews with the help of the Ukrainians. Jews first settled there in the sixteenth century.
3 1941 1941 German troops occupy Dzisna, Poland (today Belorussian S.S.R.), burning down the synagogue and killing many of the 6,000 Jews. Dzisna's Jewish community was founded in the second half of the eighteenth century.   4 1632 1632 During an auto-da-fe held in Madrid, Spain, in the presence of King Philip IV, his wife, Isabella de Bourbon, and many foreign ambassa­dors, 7 Judaizers, descendants of Jews forcibly bap­tized some centuries ago who still practice the Jewish religion in secret, are burned alive, after being arrested for holding a Jewish service; 4 others are burned in effigy.
5 1941 1941 The Lithuanian police shoot 3,000 Jews during a systematic five-day Aktion in Kaunas, Lithuanian S.S.R.   6 1348 1348 During the Black Death epidemic, for which the Jews were thought to be responsible, they were cruelly persecuted everywhere. When the plague reaches Spain, the Jewish community of Tarrega, Catalinia, numbering 300, are slaugh­tered and their corpses are thrown into a ditch and burned.
7 1320 1320 Les Pastoureaux, crusaders against the Muslims in the south of Spain, massacre 400 Jews, when they reach Jaca in French Basque.   8 1941

1941 The invading German troops murder 1,000 Jews of the village of Marculesti in Bessarabia, Ukrainian S.S.R.

During mass executions of Jews that span two days, 500 Jews are shot by SS commandos and Ruma­nian troops in Czemovitz, Bukovina, Rumania (today Ukrainian S.S.R.).

9 507 507 A chariot race takes place in Daphne, near Antiochia (today Turkey), between two rivaling parties, the Greens and the Whites. Suddenly without any apparent reason, the supporters of the Greens, the Byzantine charioteers, destroy the local synagogue and its sanctuaries and massacre the praying Jews.   10 1510 1510 The Jews of Berlin are accused of host desecration and the theft of sacred vessels from a church in Knoblauch, a nearby village. 111 Jews are arrested, 51 of them are sentenced to death, and 38 are burned at the stake in the new mar­ketplace. At the diet of Frankfort in 1539, how­ever, all of them will be acknowledged to be innocent.
11 1944 1944 Hungary, with the exception of the capi­tal, is "free of Jews." SS-Standartenführer (chief of an SS unit) Veesenmayer states: 437,402 Hungarian Jews have been deported to Auschwitz ex­termination camp in Poland.   12 1555 1555 Pope Paul IV issues the infamous bull, "Cum nimis absurdum" which reinforces re­morselessly all the restrictive ecclesiastical legis­lation against the Jews hitherto only intermittently enforced. This consists of the segregation of the Jews in a special quarter, henceforth called the ghetto; the wearing of the Jewish badge; prohibi­tions on owning real estate; on being called by any title of respect such as "signor," on the employ­ment by Christians of Jewish physicians, and on dealing in corn and other necessities of life; and the virtual restriction to selling only old clothes and secondhand goods.
13 1942

1942 The SS shoots 1,500 Jews in Josefov, a village in Poland.

From Kubin, in the district of Lodz, Poland, 3,000 Jews are deported to the Majdanek extermination camp.

  14 1683 1683 When the Christian population of the town of Ungarisch-Brod, Bohemia (today Hungary), at­tacks Brod's small Jewish community, 113 Jews are killed. Austrian troops, who are stationed there to fight the Turks, witness the killings and do not intervene.
15 1738 1738 An ex-officer of the Russian navy, Alex­ander Vosnizi, is converted to Judaism, illegally, by the Jew Baruch Leibov, a tradesman and cour­tier. Vosnizi is tried and submitted to torture. On July 15, Alexander Vosnizi and Baruch Leibov are condemned to death and burned at the stake in Moscow.   16 1941

1941 The Nazis arrest and shoot 20 Jewish in­tellectuals in Tuczyn, in the region of Volhynia, Ukrainian S.S.R.

Rabbi Twersky and 57 Jewish doctors, teachers, and lawyers are killed by the SS in Khotin, Ukrai­nian S.S.R.

17 1648 1648 A slaughter of 600 Jews occurs when the Cossack hordes of Bogdan Chmielnicki capture Pavdocz in the Ukraine.   18 1290 1290 A decree is issued by King Edward I or­dering the expulsion of all Jews from English ter­ritories by November 1 of the same year. Every Jew left behind is liable to death.
19 1944 1944 On the isle of Rhodes, Greece, 1,200 Jews are rounded up at German headquarters and de­ported—with an intermediate station in the Haidar prison in Athens—to Auschwitz.   20 1648 1648 During a three-day massacre, 12,000 Jews are slaughtered by the Cossacks of Bogdan Chmiel-nicki in Starodub, Russia.
21 1350 1350 The Jewish community of Minden, West­phalia, Germany, is annihilated during the Black Death Persecutions.   22 1648 1648 The Cossacks under Chmielnicki slaugh­ter 10,000 Jews of Polonnoye, Ukraine, and ref­ugees from the surrounding countryside, who have found refuge in the fortified castle. Among the victims is the famous Cabalist Samson Ostropole. Several hundred succumb to forced baptism.
23 1942 1942 The mass gassings in the Treblinka exter­mination camp in Poland begin when the first transport of Jews arrives and they are killed some hours later.   24 1919 1919 Insurgents of Petlyura's Ukrainian Na­tional Army slaughter 83 Jews, severely wound or mutilate 30, and rape masses of women while car­rying out a pogrom in the town of Ladygine, Podolia, Russia.
25 1644 1644 During an auto-da-fe held in Valladolid, Spain, Don Lope de Vera, a Spanish nobleman who has converted to the Jewish faith, is burned alive.   26 1943 1943 From Dabrova Gornicza, province of Katovice, Poland, 6,000 Jews are deported to the Auschwitz extermination camp.
27 1941 1941 The First Regiment of the SS Cavalry re­ports the execution of 6,504 Jews who had been hiding in the Pripet Marshes, in Poland (today Ukrainian S.S.R.). The search and the executions of the Jews lasted for four days.   28 1670 1670 After the expulsion of the 4,000 Jews of Vienna, one of their synagogues is transformed into the church of St. Leopold, which still exists today. Not one Jew is left in the town and the pope is invited to celebrate the occasion.
29 1942 The SS takes 3,000 German Jews from the ghetto of Minsk, Belorussian S.S.R., to ditches outside of town and shoots them.   30 1905 1905   Several Jews are killed and  many are wounded when a bomb is thrown into the poor Jewish quarter of Bialystok, Russia (today Poland). Later military patrols systematically fire on the Jewish houses and then search them, killing every Jew they find; 46 Jews are killed and many more are severely wounded.
31 1942

1942 Jewish inmates—numbering 1,007—from the Westerbork transit camp in the Dutch province of Drenthe and 1,049 Jewish men and women from the Pithiviers transit camp in the German occupied zone of France are deported to the Auschwitz extermination camp in Poland.

The 1,000 Jews arriving in Minsk, Belorussian S. S. R., from the Theresienstadt concentration camp in Czechoslovakia are diverted to Baranowicze, where they are crammed into vans and killed by gas.



1  1942  About 1,000 Jews of Krakow and Lancut, Rzeszow, Poland deported to Falkinia transit camp. Children and elderly are shot by SS in Nechezioli forest on the way.   2  1818  Many killed and wounded during anti-Jewish rioting in Würzberg, Germany. Local students cry, "Hep, Hep!" 1 and Christian merchants plunder the Jewish shops. 400 Jews are expelled from the town.
3  1603  Lisboa, Portugal-Thamar Barrocas, Antonio de Aguilar, Ysabella de Valle, and brother Pedro Serão burnt in auto-de-fé.2 Included is convert to Judaism, the Franciscan monk, Diogo da Assumcão.   4  1919  200 Jews murdered in Golovanevsk, Russia, during a pogrom.3
5  1391  Anti-Jewish riots in Barcelona see 250 Jews murdered on the first day.   6 1942 The whole Jewish community in Zdzieciol, Soviet Union (4,500) are murdered by SS.
7 1942  Over 5,000 Jews from the Dünaburg ghetto, Latvia, are shot by the SS.    8 1942  1,000 women and children from Rzeszow, Poland are murdered at Falkinia camp by SS. 
9 1919  15 are slain, many wounded, and many Jewish women are raped by allies of the Ukrainian National Army under Tiutiunnik.    10 1348  The Jews of Savoy, France are burned at the stake, accused of poisoning wells of Christians who are dying from the Black Death.4  
11 1942  SS murders 3,500 Jews of Zelov, Poland (thru September 30).    12 1391  78 Jews are murdered in Burgos, Spain during anti-Jewish attacks. 
13 1942  The Swiss hand over Jewish refugees to Nazis.     14 1942  70,000 Jews are deported from the Warsaw Ghetto to Treblinka extermination camp. 
15 1942  SS murders 3,500 Jews of the ghetto of Gostynin, Poland at Chelmno extermination camp.    16 1919  166 are killed, 10 women raped by Ukrainian National Army in Pestchanka, Podolia. 
17 1917  Russians invade Kalusz, East Galicia. Jews, Poles, and Ruthenians are victims of annihilation and atrocities. Little girls are stripped, raped, and cut into pieces.    18 1917  The Jewish Quarter of Salonika, Greece is burnt down. 
19 1338  Jewish community of Wolfsberg, Carinthia, Austria, is accused of "host desecration."5 More than 70 men, women, and children are massacred.    20 1942  21,000 Jews of the Kielce, Poland ghetto, are sent to the Treblinka extermination camp. 
21 1321  Jews are accused of poisoning wells to start an epidemic at Chinon, France. The entire Jewish community (160) are burnt at the stake outside the town on an island still called Ile de Juifs.    22 1648  40,000 Jews of Narol, Poland, are seized and massacred by Cossacks hordes of Bogdan Chmielnicki. 
23 1349  In persecutions related to Jews as the cause of the Black Death, most of the Jewish community of Köln, Germany perishes at the hands of a mob and also a fire.    24 1929  Arabs murder 67 Jews of Hebron in (then) Palestine. They are incited by the mufti6 of Jerusalem, Amin el-Husseini. 
25 1255  A Jew of Lincoln, England is accused of murdering a child ("for blood to Sacrifice for Passover"). Other Jews are brought in on the charge and all are tortured and killed. The child becomes known as St. Hugh of Lincoln.7    26 1725  Samuel Rodriguez and members of his family are killed in an auto-de-fe at Llerna, Spain, for being secret Jews, descendants of Jews who were forcibly baptized. 
27 1349  The Jewish community of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany is exterminated during Black Death persecutions.    28 1942  2,800 Jews of Dabrovica, Volhynia, Ukraine are murdered by the Nazis, but over 1,000 escape to the forests. 
29 1941  German troops murder 3,016 Jews of the Czernovitz area, of Bukovina, Ukraine.    30 1941  The SS shoots over 40 children at the nursery school of Zhitomir, Ukraine. 600 Jews of the Vitebsk ghetto, Byelorus are shot in a ravine. The children are buried alive. 
31 38 CE  When Jews of Alexandria, Egypt refuse to place a statue of Roman Emperor Caligula in their synagogue, 400 Jewish homes are destroyed, Jews are blockaded into a ghetto, and tortured to death when they leave. 38 Elders are publicly whipped, some die.         


1  1592  Severe persecutions begin at Lvov, Poland when Archbishop Salikowsky orders the erection of a church there.   2  1941 SS murders 1,500 Jews of Zaremby Kasztelanskie, Bialystok, Poland, outside the town.
3  1189 Jewish notables wishing to pay respects and allegiance to Richard the First during his coronation are kept out and mistreated. A riotous mob attacks the Jewish quarter burning homes and murdering 30.   4  1553 On Rosh Hashannah, the Inquisition in Italy confiscates all Jewish books and burns them.
5  1939 14 Jews are burned alive at the stake in Chmielnik, Stopnica, Poland.   6 1986 Two gunmen enter synagogue Neve Shalom in Istanbul, Turkiye, on Shabbat, shoot 21 worshippers, then pour gasoline and burn the bodies.
7 1939 Regular German troops (Wehrmacht) enter the Polish village of Zgierz, murder 6 Jews then burns one alive.   8 1943 A convoy with 3,442 Jews leaves Moravska Ostrava, Moravia, Czechoslavakia for Auschwitz where they are killed on arrival.
9 1899 French captain, Alfred Dreyfus is tried the second time.   10 1349 Jews surviving the earlier massacre of the Jewish community at Constance, Germany, are burned at the stake.
11 1942  Rosh Hashannah: 1,600 Jews from Grodek, Belorus are murdered by Nazis.   12 1942 5,000 Jews of Stanislavov, Poland are collected to go to Belzec extermination camp. Many are shot on the spot.
13 1944 279 Jews, including Anne Frank and her family, are sent to Bergen-Belsen camp.   14 1928  Petrovo Selo, the Banat, Yugoslavia: ritual murder accusations are started with the intent of killing all the Jewish inhabitants. Troops are stationed to protect Jews.
15 1935 The Nazi German Nuremburg Laws against Jews are published, revoking all civil rights.   16 1942 6,000 Jews of the Jedrzejov ghetto, Kielce, Poland, are sent to Treblinka extermination camp.
17 1394 On Yom Kippur -Day of Atonement- Charles VI of France issues edict for the expulsion of all Jews from French lands.   18 1349 330 Jews of a number of towns, being protected by Duke Albrecht of Austria at Kyburg fortress, are burnt at the stake under pressure from Christian subjects.
19 1941 Nazis murder all remaining Jews of Shitomir, Ukraine, possibly numbering 15,000.   20 1540 The Inquisition at Lisboa, Portugal arranges the its first auto-da-fe of Conversos (or forcibly baptized Jews).
21 1348 All except a few who escape, the Jews of Zurich, Switzerland are burnt at the stake after being accused of well poisoning and ritual murder (an accusation more typically made at Passover rather than Yom Kippur). Law is passed that day barring all Jews from Zurich.   22 1928  Massena, New York: when a 4 year old child disappears, the Ku Klux Klan says Jews have taken the child to provide blood for Yom Kippur services! Some Jews including the rabbi is questioned by police, neighbors harrass Jewish residents, and the synagogue's doors are blocked. The child is found the next day after being lost.
23 1942 SS burns 1,800 Jews in their homes in Motel, Polesie, Belorus.   24 1752 12 Conversos are accused of Judaizing. 3 are burnt at the stake, the others "repent" and are imprisoned.
25 1942 All the Jews of Ivanovo, Poland (now Belorus) are murdered.   26 1941 3,000 Jews of Orsha, Belorus are shot in the local Jewish cemetery.
27 1942 30 Jewish men and women are use to "clear" minefields in Galibicy, USSR. All eventually are shredded by the bombs they are driven through..   28 1942 Jews hiding in the ghetto of Kossov, Ukraine are told by Nazis they will not be harmed if they come out, and be allowed to remain in the ghetto. All are murdered.
29 1941  After being ordered to register with German occupation authoriities, the Jews of Kiev, Ukraine are led into the ravine of Babi Yar. SS claims to have machine-gunned 33,771 this and the following day.   30 1337 The German Knight Hartmann and a small army murder Jewish inhabitants in Bavaria, burn the bodies, loot the homes, and divvy the booty, after an accusation of host desecration.


1 HEP -The initials of "Hierosolyma est perdita" or, Jerusalem is lost! in Latin. During the Crusades, Jews were seen as even worse infidels than Muslims and were murdered in droves by crusaders on their way to Palestine. Jews were blamed for the capture of the Holy Sepulchre by the Muslims; therefore, the saying, "HEP!" is a battle-cry of Jew haters (even in the 1800s).

2 Auto-de-fé -"act of faith" involving the torture, and murder (by burning) of enemies of the Christian church, featuring hymns, and general attractions.

3 Pogrom -an organized and usually officially instigated massacre (of Jews in Eastern Europe).

4 Black Death (Persecutions) -During the Black Death or Plague, i.e., Bubonic Plague, Christians accused Jews of poisoning, curses, witchcraft, etc., because generally Jews were not as ravaged by the plague as the Christians were. This was largely due to Jewish laws concerning cleanliness, and the general filthiness of non-Jews of the time period. According to Christians, the "evil" Jews had to be involved.

5 Host Desecration -The Host, a communion wafer that "became Christ" during communion (transubstantiation), it was claimed, was sometimes "kidnapped" and mistreated by Jews. Therefore, Christ was being attacked, etc., by Jews.

6 Mufti -an expounder of Islamic law.

7 Blood Libel -a libel spread against Jews that accused them of using the blood of Christian children for a Passover sacrifice.

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