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And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters:

With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.

So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.

And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.

And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Yahshua...

How many people have died horrible, tortuous deaths at the hands of the ignorant incited by the religion growing from the teachings of Paul Tarsu, the Liar.

"It is dishonest henceforth to refuse to face the fact that the basic
  root of modern antisemitism lies squarely in the Gospels and the
  rest of the New Testament."

            --Rev. James Parkes in Davies A.T. (ed)
              "Antisemitism  and the Foundations of Christianity",
              Paulist Press, New York, 1979, p. xi. [Thanks Lloyd]

Why? These things, the murders of men women and little children, including the ancient 'Evyonim, the martyrs of Yahshua, were committed by those drunk with the Whore's wine. The saints, Yisra'el, rejected this cup, and literally millions have been put to death remaining in the faith of YHWH. The "calendar" below is after Every Day Remembrance Day by Simon Wiesenthal (New York: Holt, 1987), and other sources cited accordingly. [Wiesenthal's book contains far more information---a very worthwhile and "sobering" volume. Another suggested book is The Anguish of the Jews, by a Catholic priest, Edward Flannery, New York: Macmillan, 1965.] Only one incident of many is shown for each date.

This page is dedicated to the Remembrance of Those of Blessed Memory, known and unknown save by Yah, who suffered murder for their Faith and their refusal to turn their faces from YHWH.


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1  1942 A convoy with 1.290 Jews heads from Vienna to Theresienstadt concentration camp.   2  1919 Petylyurian units of the Ukrainian National Army carry out a pogrom at Dymar, Podolia, Russia. 4 are killed, many wounded, and some girls and women are raped.
3  1648 This day the siege of Lvov, Galicia, Poland begins by Chmielnicki's cossacks. 6,000 Jews will die through the rest of the month.   4  1941 3,000 Jews of the Kaunas ghetto in the Lithuanian USSR are taken to Fortress #9 and murdered.
5  1737 Antonio Jose da Silva, a famous comedic writer of the period is accused of Judaizing by the inquistion at Lisbon is killed in an auto-de-fe.   6 1942 SS shoot 500 Jews at Warkovicze, Volhynia, Poland.
7 1941 Over 2 days 7,000 Jews from the ghetto of Borisov, Belorus, SSR, are shot in a ravine near the airport.   8 1942 SS and Lithuanian police kill 1,100 over 2 days at Hajdukzoc
9 1920 Pogrom at Vilna, Lithuania for three days. Polish Army entering the town after the Red Army pulls out shoots 80 and drowns some and bury others alive.   10 1290 Jews are expulsed from England. A ship carrying Jews from London sets them out on a sandbar on the coast. The tide comes in and drowns them. But later the perpetrators are hanged by authorities.
11 1944 20 mentally ill Jews of Venice are taken to the only Italian concentration camp, Risiera di San Sabba. At least 5 are killed by evening by SS guards.   12 1285 Jews accused of ritual murder in Munchen, Germany are burnt alive on Shabbat evening in their synagogue by a Christian mob after they refuse to be baptized as Christians.
13 1726 A Portuguese cleric is burnt at the stake at Lisbon for Judaizing.   14 1542  20 "New Christians" (from families forcibly baptized into Christianity) are burned at the stake in Lisbon.
15 1941 The entire Jewish population of Roslawj, Ukraine SSR is shot by Nazis.   16 1746 3 New Christians accused of Judaizing are burnt at the stake at Lisbon.
17 1941 SS murder 900 Jews of Ostrozec, Volhynia, Poland.   18 1905 Over 750 Jews in several Russian districts are killed during pogroms organized and supported by the authorities, police, army, and conservative, anti-semitic "Black Hundreds" members.
19 1905 The pogroms of the 18th continue in Russia. Over 270 are killed. Other are beaten and wounded. More are killed and wounded the next day.   20 1941 8,000 Jews from the Borisov ghetto in Belorus are killed by SS.
21 1981 Truck bomb explodes outside an Antwerp, Belgium synagogue killing 3 and wounding 106.   22 1648  Chmielnicki's Cossacks exterminate the entire population of Jews at Tomaszov Lubelski, Poland..
23 1541 5  people are burned at the stake for Judaizing at Lisbon.   24 1492 A priest accuses 24 Jews of host desecration at Mecklenberg, Germany, and burnt at the stake.
25 1905 At Rjepki, Russia, Jewish homes and shops are looted and demolished impoverishing 286 Jewish families.   26 1942 Over the next few days 1,800 Jews are murdered in Lublin province, Poland, at Krasnobrod by the SS.
27 1765 The last public auto-da-fe against accused Judaizers among New Christians is held at Lisbon.   28 1941 2,000 Jews at the Belorussiann SSR towns of Lachovice and Lida, each, are murdered by SS.
29 1941  3,000 Jews are shot at a sandpit near Srednjaja Poguljanka, Dunaburg, Latvia.   30 1941 5,000 Jews are shot at Niesviez, Belorus by SS.
31 1941 Jews deported from Kishinev, Rumania (now Moldova) are massacred along the Dniester River by Rumanian police and German soldiers. 53,000 are killed.        

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1  1349 The duke of Brabant (Belgium) orders that all, even baptised, Jews are to be executed at Brussels. They are accused of poisoning Christian wells.   2  1944 SS, Hungarian Fascists, and rural police spend five days driving 76,000 Jews from Buda-Pesht towards Vienna. Almost 10,000 die along the way.
3  1943 SS and Latvian police murder 3,000 Jews in the Latvian SSR capital, Riga.   4  1941 Nazis set up a ghetto at Lubavich, Smolensk, USSR. They then shoot 483 Jews.
5  1942 400 Jewish children and elderly of Stopnica ghetto, Poland are shot in Szczecin cemetery where 3,000 have been driven on the way to other camps.   6 1941 German soldiers take 18,000 Jews of Rovno, Ukraine, SSR, to a nearby pine forest and execute them.
7 1941 8,000 mostly women and children Jews from the Dunaburg ghetto are shot at Poguljanka by SS and Latvian volunteers.   8 1941 SS shoot two girls, 14 and a 15 year old, after raping them, at Krjupow, USSR.
9 1938 The Kristallnacht attacks on Jews begin in Germany.   10 1938 The day after Kristallnacht in Germany, 35,000 Jews are arrested and sent to concentration camps.
11 1939  600 Jews of Ostrov Mazoviecki, Poland are taken to the nearby forrest and murdered by the Nazis.   12 1941 All Jewish men and women of Gorodok, Belorus are shot and their children are buried alive by the SS.
13 1943 2,000 Jews of Dobiecin, Poland are killed by SS.   14 1943  Italian Fascists kill 3 Jews at Ferrara.
15 1491 Near Toledo, at La Guardia, Spain, 6 Jews and 5 Conversos are to death for "killing Christians with the help of black magic.   16 1491 Also at LaGuardia 5 Jews are arrested and accused and condemned of murdering a child. 3 are forcibly baptised, garroted, then burned. The other two are torn to pieces.
17 1349 330 Jews of several Swiss towns are burnt at the stake.   18 1648 Over the course of three days, the hordes of Chmielnicki slaughter 10,000 Jews in the Ukraine, at Kamenets-Podolski..
19 1943 Nazis liquidate the Janowska labor camp. Most of the Jews are killed.   20 1941 SS shoot 500 Jews from the Vilna ghetto in Poland over two days.
21 1918 Polish soldiers organize a pogrom against the Jews of Lvov, Galicia (now Ukraine). 72 are killed, 443 wounded.   22 1348  Black Death persecutions against Jews spread to southern German provinces of Swabia and Bavaria. The first location of massacre is Augsburg, on this day.
23 1942 650  Jews are shot in the forest near Aglejby estate in Belorus.   24 1605 Polish king, Sigismund III Vasa expels all the Jews of the Bochnia area when a Jew accused of host desecration has fled.
25 1696 14 "Judaizers" (men and women) are burned alive in an auto-de-fe at Coimbra, Portugal.   26 1942 Portuguese Embassy tries to protect Sefardi Jews from being sent from Buda-Pesht to Sopron, Hungary. The slave laborers are to build fortifications near Vienna for the Nazis where many die.
27 1095 Pope Urban II proclaims the First Crusade. The Crusade will claim the lives of thousands of Jews killed by Christians on their way to Palestine.   28 1940 In the Netherlands, all Jews are dismissed from all civil service positions. Protestant churches send a protest letter to no avail.
29 1941  At Kertsh in the Crimea Peninsula, 4,500 Jews are murdered by the SS.   30 1941 Riga, Latvia, SSR: Einsatzgruppe A, SS, shoot 10,600 Jews in the nearby forest. 30 Jewish children are thrown from the ghetto hospital's second floor windows to their death. 15 are shot in the Jewish cemetery there.

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1 1652  Manuel Fernandez Villareal is found guilty of secretly being a Jew and burned alive in Lisbon, Portugal.   2 1264 A convert to Judaism who takes the name Abraham shows up in a small town, Sinzig, Germany to preach Judaism. He is arrested, and refusing to die as a Christian, he is horribly tortured and burnt alive at the stake by the Christians.
3 1918 Gangs of Czech soldiers break into Jewish shops and homes, at Holleschau, looting and burning. Two Jews are murdered   4 1941 Hungarian occupation forces hand over the Ukrainian town of Horodenka to the Nazis. The able-bodied Jews are taken away as slaves while the rest are shot outside town and put in mass graves.
5 1349 500 Jews are tortured, burnt at the stake, or outright murdered as part of the "Black Death Persecutions" at Nuremberg, Germany.   6 1348 The Jewish community of Lindau on the Bodensee is eliminated by superstitious Christians as part of the Black Death Persecutions" via the stake or murder.
7 1943 661 French Jews from occupied France are sent to the gas chambers of Auschwitz.   8 1596 4 members of the well-known converso family, the Carvajals, are burnt at the stake in Mexico City by the Spanish Inquisition.
9 1942 The SS storm the synagogue at Tunis, Tunisia to take the men for slave labor.   10 1600 In Spanish Peru 14 Portuguese "New Christians" are tried at an auto-a-fe as Judaizers. Two are burnt at the stake.
11 1939 15,000 Jews are expelled from Kalisz, Poland.   12 1505 Ceske Budejovice, Bohemia, 10 Jews are accused of blood libel on November 20th. After weeks of torture, they are burnt at the stake this day. Later the accuser confesses he lied as he is old and dying.
13 1942 Of 2,700 Jews being deported to Auschwitz from Wyszgorod, Poland, 620 are shot by the SS first.   14 1943 200 Jews are shot by SS and Ukrainian police at Drohobycz, Poland.
15 1647 Isaac de Castro Tartas is killed by the Inquisition. He recites the Shema and refuses to recant. 5 others are burnt alive with him. 60 more are given life imprisonment.   16 1941 In a two day operation at Yalta on the Black Sea, 1,500 Jews are massacred by the SS.
17 1531 Pope Clement IV establishes the Inquisition in Portugal. Many Jews came to more lenient Portugal after being thrown out of Spain in 1492.   18 1943 2,503 Jews are sent from Theresienstadt to Auschwitz death camp.
19 1942 3,000 Jewish internees of the Dworzec labor in Poland (now Byelorus) revolt against SS. All are killed.   20 1632 Nicolas Antoine, a French pastor from a Catholic family who converted to Judaism, is declared insane. Later he is called up on charges for converting and executed at Geneva, Switzerland on this date.
21 1680 21 accused of Judaizing at Toledo, Spain. 2 are burnt alive. The rest are garroted (strangled) first before burning.   22 1941 The prolonged program of systematic murder at Vilna, Poland (Lithuania) is completed. 32,000 of this area have been murdered.
23 1942 150 craftsmen, the last Jews of Pinsk, Poland (Byelorus) are driven to the Jewish cemetery, shot and buried.   24 1496 Portuguese king, Manuel I, orders the expulsion of all Jews within 10 months after which they will be killed and their property confiscated by the crown.
25 1942 SS massacres 2,500 Jews in the Potavy ghetto in Lithuania.   26 1941 100 Jews expecting to be picked up for slave labor at the Lvov, Poland ghetto gate. Instead, the Gestapo takes them to the Jewish cemetery and shot.
27 1942 The last Jew of Kaluszyn, Poland is betrayed by a Pole for a bottle of vodka and shot in the street.   28 1941 SS shoot 600 Jewish children in the forest of Rumbuli, outside Riga, Latvia.
29 1944 Hungarian members of the Arrow Cross fascists storm homes under Swedish diplomatic protection and drag out over 100 Jewish men and women and kill them.   30 1944 SS and Arrow Cross members rlound up 28 young Jewish women at Bethlen Square Hospital in Buda-Pesht. They kill them at a local girls' school.
31 1944 Hungarian Arrow Cross fascists strom the Ritz Hotel in Buda-Pesht (supposedly under international protection) and murder a Zionist leader, O. Komoly.        


1 HEP -The initials of "Hierosolyma est perdita" or, Jerusalem is lost! in Latin. During the Crusades, Jews were seen as even worse infidels than Muslims and were murdered in droves by crusaders on their way to Palestine. Jews were blamed for the capture of the Holy Sepulchre by the Muslims; therefore, the saying, "HEP!" is a battle-cry of Jew haters (even in the 1800s).

2 Auto-de-f -"act of faith" involving the torture, and murder (by burning) of enemies of the Christian church, featuring hymns, and general attractions.

3 Pogrom -an organized and usually officially instigated massacre (of Jews in Eastern Europe).

4 Black Death (Persecutions) -During the Black Death or Plague, i.e., Bubonic Plague, Christians accused Jews of poisoning, curses, witchcraft, etc., because generally Jews were not as ravaged by the plague as the Christians were. This was largely due to Jewish laws concerning cleanliness, and the general filthiness of non-Jews of the time period. According to Christians, the "evil" Jews had to be involved.

5 Host Desecration -The Host, a communion wafer that "became Christ" during communion (transubstantiation), it was claimed, was sometimes "kidnapped" and mistreated by Jews. Therefore, Christ was being attacked, etc., by Jews.

6 Mufti -an expounder of Islamic law.

7 Blood Libel -a libel spread against Jews that accused them of using the blood of Christian children for a Passover sacrifice.

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