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The Ebionite Passover Haggadah [123k]

Introduction to Jewish Christian documents [182k]

Orthodox Corruption of Scripture: Excerpt on Adoptionism, Ehrmann [78k]

Walter Bauer on Jewish Christianity (contains numerous typos)[280k]


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The Jewish Christians of the Early Centuries of Christianity According to a New Source, by Shlomo Pines. Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities Proceedings, Volume II, No. 13: Jerusalem, 1966.

Note that this article is 65 pages. Mistakes and inconsistencies do not belong to Pines, but rather due to human and software problems in conversion to HTML format. Original page numbers are shown in blue square brackets, thus [10]. Some editorial comments have been added and appear in red square brackets, thus [Aa Bb Xx] , and do not belong to the original author in any way. Texts appearing in (hopefully) a sienna/ brown colour are source text.

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Bilal Cleland

An Islamic View

Hyam Maccoby

Jesus and the Jewish Resistance
(abridged from Revolution in Judea: Jesus and the Jewish Resistance)

The Evidence of the Ebionites

The Problem of Paul
From The Mythmaker: Paul and the Invention of Christianity


Johannes Weiss


Information concerning the Ebionites
From Earliest Christianity A History of the Period AD 30-150


Hebraic Messianic Gospels and Apocrypha



Ancient Hostile Christian Witnesses to the 'Evyonim





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