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Shalom, and welcome to the Ebionite Community. YHWH is Our Elohim,  YHWH Alone.

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Comic Strip "BC" Anti-Jewish
Boycott "BC" Newspapers!!

We are striving to restore a Yahwistic, Torah Observant Community in the spirit of Renewed Covenant and halakah of a messianic teacher Yahshua ben Yosef.

We believe in the God of Israel and His Torah. We reject any teaching that does not conform to the Torah of YHWH (the "Law").

We present Yahshua ("Jesus") as a righteous Jew of natural birth, teaching reform of Judaism, without any of the mythological features given to him by Christianity.

Scattered across the world are people who have come to relate to beliefs of the ancient Ebionites.

In 1996 all Ebionites independently began to gather to this community.



Upcoming New Moons*
and Holy Days
We follow the Qaraite reckoning of New Moons and Holy Days

New Moon to be seen on: Evening of *
Rosh Hodesh of Aviv
Hag Hamatsot 1st day
Hag Hamatsot 7th day
Yom Hanafat (Wave sheath)
Hag ha-Shavu'ot (Weeks)

You will notice a difference in most Jewish calendars and holy days based on visible new moons.
*Expected to be seen at Yerushalayim on these nights. For a fuller list of New Moons, click here.

**Corrected by observation.
***Biblical day begins previous evening.
1Passover Seder begins at the close of the 14th of Aviv toward evening and extends into Monday night and Tuesday.









Holy Day Photos


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A Mission to the Gentiles

We actively support gentiles who are questioning their non-Yahwistic beliefs, and considering a biblical Judaic Faith as held by "Jesus" and other Jews before and after him.

We provide the message that Christianity is not a biblical faith, nor was it founded by "Jesus" but that it has been dangerous anti-biblical mystery cult embracing gnosticism, astral religion, and other features of pagan religious systems under the influence of Paul of Tarsus.

We do not wish to condemn Christians themselves, but work to point out the historical program of syncretism, intolerance, and persecution in the name of Christianity over the centuries. This only makes Christianity or any fundamentalist intolerant religion dangerous. Please, read Christians and Christianity: The Difference. An apology.


Support of Core Yahwistic Faith

We uphold the absolute singularity of YHWH, the Written Torah, the need of Circumcision as sign of covenant with God, Tiqqun `Olam, and the Chosen People.

We reject pagan practices and beliefs including virgin birth, god-men, and bloody human sacrifice as unreal and unscriptural.

We are not Messianic Jews, nor do we acknowledge them as Jews. Evyonut is in no way associated with Christianity.


We do not Proselytize Israel

While we encourage all to have a closer relationship with YHWH (including ourselves), Jews have nothing to convert to. We do encourage gentiles to convert to Judaism by teaching Yahwistic Faith.

We do ask Jews to reconsider Yahshua ben-Yosef as a man, teacher, and Jew in a way free of Christian parody presented in the Christian NT.

We hold that all Jews are Yahwists embracing Torah and Monotheism, yet there is more than one expression of Yahwistic faith; that Evyonut, Qaraism, and Rabbinic Judaism are all legitimate subsets of Judaism.


We welcome ALL, and disavow all forms of racism and violence

We believe that obedience is of more importance than blood.


Contribute to the work of the Ebionite Community

Help build our synagogue as a witness in a Christian dominated area. (Thanks for the generous responses!)


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I am Shemayah Phillips* and began describing myself as an Ebionite  in the early 1980s. These pages are my efforts to serve, to be an 'eved (servant) to those seeking this Way.
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