Biblical Authority

How are we to live within Yahweh's creation? Do we have instruction to benefit our existence? Science and scholarship vs. Scripture; inerrancy, infallibility of a christian church; inspiration "from Genesis to Revelations," inerrant and inspired 17th century translations? How much is faith, how much a pack of lies?

These concerns have been generated by an often limited view of the Tanak. Limited views by those outside mnat Yahweh have caused misunderstanding and derision of the Tanak. Atheists and cynics taunt at imperfections and inconsistencies, and question the viability of biblical life, and even the existence of Yahweh.

More correctly, the view of Scripture by christians and others is exaggerated based on a deep need for the superstitious, the magical, the arcane as a replacement for what is absent from biblical religion.

Is every word of the Tanak straight from the mouth of Yahweh? Who says so? Yahweh? No, every word does not hold equal weight and the authors never claimed such. The Tanak is a collection of writings that define a people and its relationship with its deity. There are dry accounts of state, a sexually explicit love song, songs of love to Yahweh and His Torah, songs of human fear, desperation, desertion, and hope. There are lines of empirical wisdom, there are lines borrowed from neighbors; there are legends and rememberances told around a million fires, there are explanations of the past. All of these add flesh to the bones to a people the world has murdered, envied, imitated, but also loved---a people who has been murdered, envied, imitated, because they love, obey and praise Yah, and wait for the resurrection.

There is the perfection of Scripture! Man is the inspired creation in the likeness of Yahweh. And because the Bible reflects our own humanity back to us, in our shortcomings and our hopes, we elevate it above all other writings of humanity. But is there not more? Archaeologists and faith lets me believe that behind all this some unbelievable events actually took place; something that provided a core for all the writings that have been handed down from the ancient Yahwists. These events argue the existence of Yahweh, His appearance to Yisra'el at the Mountain, His voice giving some direction to the universe. We believe that Yahweh is real and that furthermore He has communicated His directions, His Torah, to mankind via our people.

Other religions are dependent upon our religion, and our 'Elohim and His communication to us recorded in our Torah given by Yahweh through Mosheh. Would there be christianity and its anomia without Yahweh's communication of "laws" to reject? Would there even be satanism? The enemies of Yahweh and His Torah still rely and derive their tenets according to Yahweh and Torah even in choosing to be the antithesis of it.. They use both as points of departure and rejection. Could there be Islam without the core and model of Yahwism ---I confess there is no god but Allah /Our 'Elohim is Yahweh, Yahweh Alone!---the model of monotheism that Islam and Yahwism shares? Allah...'Elo'ah.

The core of biblical authority rest with the words of Yahweh---the actual words spoken by Yahweh. What are the words of Yahweh? Simple. Yahweh says this..., Utterance of Yahweh..., The word of Yahweh given to..., these provide a filter through which everything else must pass, by every word that proceeds from the mouth of Yahweh. That is what the Servant of Yahweh said. Everything else revolves around those words.

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