The Command to !bram




1 And Yahweh said to !bram, "You go! leave your country and your relatives, and the household of your father, to the land that I will show you!

"And I will make you become a nation, and I will bless you;

and I will make your name great,

and to be a blessing!"

"And I will bless those blessing you,

but those cursing, you I will curse;

and through you will all the families of the earth bless themselves!"

4 So !bram left, just as Yahweh told him to, and L went with him; and !bram was 75 years old when he left rn. And !bram took Cr1y his woman, and L, son of his brother, and all of the possessions they had accumulated, and the persons that they had associated in rn, and they set out to go to the land of }nan; and they arrived in the land of }nan.

6 !bram traveled into the land of }nan as far as the area of kem, as far as ln Mreh; then the }nan were in the country. But Yahweh appeared to !bram, and said, "I will give this country to your seed!" ...so he built there a sacrificial-altar to Yahweh, who appeared to him.

8 He went on from there to the hill at the east of Bt l; and he pitched his tent with Bt l at the west and Jay [the Ruins] at the east; he built there a sacrificial-altar to Yahweh, and he called upon the Name, Yahweh. Then !bram set out, continuing on to the Negeb.

10 But there was famine in the land, so !bram went down towards Mirayim to live there because the famine in the land was so severe. As he was about to enter Mirayim, he said to Cr1y his woman, "I realize what a beautiful woman you are to look at, and when the Mirm see you, they will say, `This is his woman?' ...and they will kill me, but they will keep you alive! Say then that you are my sister so I will be well treated for your sake, and my life might be spared for your sake!"

14 When !bram came to Mirayim, the Mirm saw that the woman was very beautiful! When the officials of Parh saw her, they boasted of her to Parh, so she was brought to the House of Parj. As for !bram, he was well treated because of her, and for him there were sheep, cattle, asses, servants, female-servants, she-asses, and camels. But Yahweh inflicted Parj with terrible diseases, his household also, on account of Cr1y, the woman of !bram.

18 Parj summoned !bram, and he said, "What is this you have done to me? Why did you say, `She is my sister,' [allowing] me to take her to be a wife? ...and now look!; take your woman and go!" And Parj gave orders to his men about [!bram], and they ejected him, and his woman, with everything which was his.


!bram and L Part Company


1 So !bram went up from Mirayim--he, his woman, with all he had--to the Negeb, and L with him. !bram became very prestigious with livestock, silver, and gold. And he made journeys from the Negeb as far as Bt l, at the place there where his tent first was, between Bt l and Jay, at the place where he built the sacrificial-altar the first time, and where he called upon the Name, Yahweh.

5 As for L, he was moving sheep, pack animals, and tents also with !bram. But the land was not able to support the habitation of both of them because of their many possessions, and they were not able to dwell together.

7 And a quarrel arose between the herdsmen of !bram and of L, and the }nan and the Prizz then living in the land. And !bram said to L, "Do not allow a quarrel between you and me, or between your herdsmen and mine because we are men being brothers! Is the entire land not before you?; please, separate from me--if to the left, then I will go right, and if to the right, then I will go left!"

10 And L lifted up his eyes, and he saw all the Kikkar Jayyardn, and how well-watered it was everywhere, like the Garden of Yahweh, like the land of Mirayim as you go towards ar--before Yahweh destroyed Vdm and mrj. So L chose for himself all the Kikkar Jayyardn; and L set out eastward, each separating from his brother. !bram settled in the land of }nan and L settled among the towns of the plain, and he pitched his tent near Vdm. But the men of Vdm were evil and extremely sinful against Yahweh.

14 After L parted company, Yahweh said to !bram, "Now lift your eyes and look out from the place where you are there, towards fn [northward], and to the Negeb [southward], eastward, and seaward [west]! Indeed, all the land you are seeing I will give to you and your descendants through the ages. And I will make your descendants like particles of earth, which if any were able to number the particles of earth, your descendants could also be numbered. Get up, walk through the land across its length and its breadth because I give it to you!"

18 And !bram camped as he traveled and settled at ln Mamr which is at evrn, and he built there a sacrificial-altar to Yahweh.



1 Now it was the days of !mrfel, king of inr; !ryk, king of Ellvr; }drlmer, king of lm; and Tidl, king of Gyim [Nations]. They made war with <er1, king of Vdm; <ir1, king of #mrj; inb, king of !dmj; ember, king of vyim; and the king of <el1, that is, ar. All of these met in the valley of iddm, that is, the Sea of Salt [Ym J1mmela].

4 They had served }drlmer twelve years, but the thirteenth year they rebelled. So, in the fourteenth year }drlmer, and the kings which were with him, went and defeated the Rfm of Atrt Q1rnayim, the Zzm of Jm, and the mm of wj Qirytyim; also the r in their hill-country of Sr, as far as l Prn, which is over the wilderness.

7 And they turned and went to n Mip, that is Qd, and they burnt all the pasture-land of the mlq, as well as the mr that settled at 1n Tmr.

8 Then the king of Vdm, the king of Amrh, the king of Admj, the king of vyim, and the king of Bel1, that is ar, went out and engaged in battle with them in the valley of iddm--against }drlmer, king of lm; Tidl, king of Gyim; !mrfel, king of inr; and Aryk, king of Ellvr--four kings against the five.

10 The valley of iddm was full of tar pits and the kings of Vdm and mrj fled, and they quickly went down there, but the rest fled to the hills. [The four kings] seized all the goods of Vdm and mrj, including all their food, then they left. And they carried off L, the son of !bram's brother, with his possessions, since he dwelled near Vdm, and they left.

13 One escaping came and informed !bram the Ivr; he [still] tented near the Groves of M1mr the mr, the brother of Ekl and nr, and these were holders of treaty with !bram. And when !bram heard that his brother was held captive he called out his trained men, 318 born into his household, and pursued as far as Dn.

15 And they split up around them by night, and he and his servants routed them and chased them as far as bj, which is to the north, toward D1mmeq. And he recovered all the goods, and also L and his possessions, and he brought back the women and the people.

17 And out came the king of Vdm to meet [!bram] after he returned from defeating }dr-lmer and the kings that were with him in the valley of wj, that is the Valley of the King.

18 And M1lk-edeq, king of lm, brought out food and wine; he was a khn to l Elyn [The Highest Deity].

19 And he praised him, saying,

"Praised be !bram by l Elyn,

Creator of heavens and earth!

Praised be l Elyn,

who delivered your foes into your hand!"

21 so he gave to him a tenth of everything. But the king of Vdm said to !bram, "Give the people to me, but keep the goods for yourself!" But !bram said to the king of Vdm, "I raised my hand up to Yahweh l Elyn, creator of heavens and earth. If even a thread, or even a sandal thong ---if I accept from anything that is yours, will you not say, `I made !bram wealthy!'? Nothing for me except what my men have eaten, and the share entitled to the men who went with me--nr, Ekl, and M1mr--let them have their share."



1 After these matters, the Word of Yahweh [dbar-YHWH] came to !bram in a vision to say, "Do not be afraid, !bram; I am your shield; your reward will be very great!"

2 But !bram said, "dny Yahweh, what will you give to me? ---I remain childless, and the heir to my estate will be lezer of D1mmaeq." And !bram said, "Look! you have given no offspring to me! indeed, look! a servant of my household will become my heir!"

4 But then, the Word of Yahweh said to him, "This one will not be your heir! indeed, he who shall come out from your own loins will, instead, be your heir!" And he took him outside and said, "Now, look up at the heavens and count the stars--indeed, are you able to count them?" Then he said to him, "So shall your offspring be!"

6 So [!bram] put trust in Yahweh, and it was accounted to him as righteousness. He also said to him,

"I [am] Yahweh,

who caused you to leave from r K1dm,

to give you this land to possess it!"

8 But he said, "dny Yahweh, how will I know that I will possess it?" And he said, "Bring to me a heifer being three years old, and a she-goat being three years old, and a ram being three years old, and a dove, and a young pigeon."

10 So he brought all these to him, and he cut them in two in the middle, and he arranged each half to be opposite of the other, but the birds he did not cut in two. Scavenging birds came down over the carcasses, but !bram drove them off.

12 And the sun was going, and a deep sleep fell over !bram, then terror and an overwhelming darkness fell over him. And [Yahweh] said to !bram, "You must know that your offspring will be strangers in a land not their own, and they shall serve them and be mistreated by them 400 years. But also, the nation that they serve I will punish, and afterwards they will come out with great possessions. But you will go to your fathers in peace, you will be entombed at a good old age. And the fourth generation will return here ---but the wrongdoing of the mr is still incomplete."

17 When the sun had gone and the darkness had fell, a smoking fire-pot and a fired torch passed between those parts [having been cut in two]. On that day Yahweh cut a covenant with !bram, saying, "I give this land to your offspring--from the river of Mirayim to the great river, Nhr Frt; that of the Qn, the Qnizz, the Qadmn; the itt, the Prizz, and the Rfm; the mr, the }nan, the :irga, and the Ybs."


Yim`l, Firstborn of !bram



1 And Cr1y, woman of !bram, had not bore for him, but she had a maidservant from Mirayim, and her name was J;r.

2 Cr1y said to !bram, "Look, Yahweh has kept me from bearing--go now to my maidservant! perhaps, through her I might have sons." ...and !bram obliged Cr1y.

3 At the ending of ten years in which !bram had stayed in the land of }nan, Cr1y, the woman of !bram, took J;r J1mmirt, her maidservant, and gave her to !bram her husband, to be a wife to him. And he went in to J;r, and she conceived; and when she realized that she was pregnant, she began to look hatefully at her mistress. And Cr1y said to !bram, "My mistreatment is because of you! I put my servant in your lap! but she realizes that she is pregnant, and now I am despicable in her eyes ---Yahweh will decide justly between you and I!"

6 But !bram said to Cr1y, `See here, your servant is in your hands--do as you see fit with her!" ...so Cr1y humiliated her, and she fled.

7 But the Messenger of Yahweh found her at a spring of water, the spring on the road to r. And he said, "J;r, maidservant of Cr1y, where is it you have come from, and where do you go?" ...and she said, "I am running from Cr1y, my mistress."

9 The Messenger of Yahweh said to her, "Return to your mistress, and submit yourself to her hands!" And the Messenger of Yahweh said to her, "I will vastly increase your descendants, and they will be impossible to number because of size!" The Messenger of Yahweh said to her,

"Now you are with child,

indeed, you will bear a son-

you will call his name Yimal [l Hears]

for Yahweh has heard your distress.

And he will be a man [like] a wild-ass,

his hand against all,

and the hand of all against him;

and in the presence of all his brothers

will he pitch his tent!"

13 And she called out, naming Yahweh, who spoke to her, l Ro [the Mighty One Who Sees] you must be, because..." she said, "surely, I have seen here the back of He who watches over me!" Upon this the well came to be called <r Laay R [Well of the Living-One Who-Sees]; it is between Qd and Bered.

15 And J;r bore a son to !bram, and !bram did give the name Yimal to his son whom J;r bore. And !bram was 86 years of age when J;r bore Yimal to !bram.

Covenant Reaffirmed with Circumcision



1 When !bram was 99 years of age, Yahweh appeared to !bram, and said to him, "I am l adday! walk before me and be blameless! And I will confirm my agreement between you and I, and I will make you great--extremely great!"

3 And !bram fell face down; and ljm declared to him, saying, "As for me, my agreement is with you!; and you will be a father to many nations! And no longer will your name be !bram, instead, it shall be !brajam, because I will make you the father of many nations. And I will make you extremely prolific, and I will give nations from you, and kings will come from you! And I stand by my agreement between you and I, and your descendants after you, throughout their generations --an unending promise to be your ljm, and of your descendants after you! And I will give to you, and your descendants after you, the land of your journeys --the entire land of }naan as an unending possession, indeed, I will be an ljm to them!"

9 Then ljm said to !brajam, "You must observe my agreement--you, and your descendants after you, throughout their generations. This is my obligation that must be observed between you and I, and your descendants after you--every male among you is to be circumcised! The foreskin will be circumcised from you, and this will signify the agreement between you and I. Every male among you must be circumcised on his eighth day, throughout your generations--whether born to your household or bought with money from an alien not of your descendants. You must certainly circumcise him born to your household or bought with money in order that my agreement be in your flesh as an unending agreement. But the foreskinned male who will not be circumcised upon his foreskin--that person is to cut off from his people--he has broken my agreement!"

15 And ljm said to !brajam, "Cr1y, your woman, you shall no [longer] call Cr1y because her name is to be called rj. I will bless her, and I will also give you a son by her; and I will bless her so that nations [and] rulers of peoples will proceed from her!"

17 And !brajam went face down, but laughed and said in his heart, `will he be born to a 100 year old man, and indeed, will rj, a 90 year old woman, bear!?'

18 !brajam said to ljm, "If only Yimal would live under your influence!"

19 But ljm said, "Ah, however, rj, your woman is bearing a son for you, and you will call his name Yiq, and I will stand by my agreement with him --an unending agreement to his descendants after him! But concerning Yimal--I have heard you, and I will bless him, and make him prolific, and I will make him great--extremely great; he will father twelve princes, and I will give him a great nation! But my agreement I will stand by with Yiq, whom rj will bear to you at this time next year!" And ljm finished speaking to !brajam and went up.

23 And !brajam took Yimal, his son, and all those born to his household, and all those bought with money --every male- and !brajam circumcised their foreskins on that very day, as ljm instructed him. !brajam was 99 years of age when his foreskin came to be circumcised. And Yimal, his son, was 13 years of age when his foreskin came to be circumcised. On that very day !brajam and his son, Yimal, were circumcised. And all the men of his household--born so or bought with money from an alien- were circumcised with them.

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