6.9 This is the story of . was a righteous man; he was pure among his generation; he walked with ljm.

10 And fathered three sons: m, m, and Yefet.

11 Now the earth before Jljm was corrupt; indeed, it was full of lawlessness. And ljm saw the earth, and it was so corrupt that all flesh upon the earth had corrupted his way.

13 And ljm said to , "An end is coming to all flesh before me for the earth is full of lawlessness. I will now destroy them and the earth. Make for yourself a box-shaped-structure of gfer-wood;i make rooms, and [seal] the inside and the outside of the box with pitch.

15 "This is how you must make it: the box is to be 300 forearms [450 feet] in length, 50 forearms [75 feet] in width, and 30 forearms [45 feet] in height. Make a roof, but finish the box to within a forearm [19 inches] from the roof; put a door in its side; make a lower deck, a second, and a third deck. And I will bring a cataclysm of waters upon the earth to destroy all flesh under the heavens having the breath of life. All the earth will perish."

18 "But with you will I stand by my promise. You will go into the box--you, your sons, your woman, and the women of your sons also. And from among all living creatures, male and female, you will bring to the box to keep alive with you. From the kinds of birds, from the kinds of animals, and from the kinds of crawlers of the ground--two from all will come to you to keep living. As for yourself, take food from all that will be eaten; store it away, for yourself and them--it will serve as provisions."

22 And did all, exactly as ljm had commanded him.


1 And Yahweh told , "Go! you and your family! into the box, for I have found you to be righteous before me, unlike this generation. From every clean animal take with you seven--seven males and their mates; but of the unclean animals [take] two--a male and his mate. Also [take] from the birds of the sky seven--seven males and females to keep their seed alive upon the earth.

4 "Indeed, in seven days from now I will send rain to the earth; in 40 days and 40 nights [of rain] I will wipe away everything standing that I have made from the face of the ground!"

5 And did exactly all that Yahweh commanded him.

6 was 600 years of age when the cataclysm of water was upon the earth. And , his sons, his woman, and the women of his sons, entered into the box to escape the cataclysmic waters. Of the clean animals, and of the unclean animals, and from the birds, and all that crawl upon the ground; two [by] two, they came to , into the box, male and female, just as ljm commanded .

10 And so it was, that after the seven days, the waters of the cataclysm came upon the earth. In the six-hundredth year of the life of , during the second new moon lunation, on the seventeenth day of that lunation--on that day all of the springs of the great abysmal-ocean ripped open, and the windows of the heavens were opened. And heavy rain was upon the earth 40 days and 40 nights.

13 But on that very day , and m, m, and Yefet his sons, his woman, and the women of his sons with them, went into the box. They, and all the animals with their kind, and all the livestock with their kind, all the crawlers crawling upon the ground with their kind, and all the birds, indeed, all the winged-things. And they came to , into the box, two [by] two, from all flesh which had the breath of life in it. Those entering were male and female; from all flesh they came, just as ljm had commanded, then Yahweh shut [the door] behind them.

17 And the cataclysm came; 40 days the waters increased upon the earth and lifted the box, and it rose over the earth. And the waters rose and increased greatly over the earth, but the box floated on the surface of the waters.

19 And the waters rose so greatly over the earth that all of the high mountains beneath the entire sky were covered. 15 forearms [24 feet] the waters rose up above the mountains; indeed, they were covered. All flesh--the ones crawling upon the ground, the birds, the livestock, the wild animals, every swarmer swarming upon the earth, and all mankind--perished. All that breathed the breath of life into its nostrils--those upon the dry land--died.

23 All that stood upon the face of the earth--from man to animal, from crawler to bird of the sky--were wiped out. Of the earth only , and those who were with him, were left. The waters flooded over the earth 150 days.



1 ljm remembered and all the wild animals and livestock with him in the box. ljm sent a wind over the earth, and the waters [began] to recede. The springs of the abysmal-ocean were closed, also the windows of the heavens, and the rain from the sky stopped. The waters receded from the earth, and continued to recede; the waters went down towards the end of the 150 days. And the box came to rest during the seventh new moon lunation, on the seventeenth day of the lunation, on the mountains of rr. The waters continued to recede until the tenth new moon lunation; during the tenth new moon lunation, on the first [day] of the lunation the tops of the mountains could be seen.

6 At the end of the fortieth day had opened the window he had made in the box. Then he sent the raven, and he went out, to go out and return until the waters had dried from the earth. And he sent the dove out to see, `have the waters dwindled from the surface of the earth?' But the dove found no place for the sole of her foot, so she returned to him to the box because of water upon the face of all the earth. He reached out his hand to take her, and brought her to himself inside the box. He waited again seven more days, and continued sending the dove from the box. And the dove returned to him in the evening time, and in her mouth [was] a fresh olive leaf! Then knew that the waters had receded from the earth. He waited again seven more days, then released the dove; she never returned again.

13 And it was during the six-hundred-and-first year [of ], the first day of the first new moon lunation, that the waters dried from the earth. removed the covering from the box and looked. The surface of the ground was dried! And during the second new moon lunation, the twenty-seventh day of the lunation, the earth had dried.


15 Then ljm spoke to , saying, "Come out of the box--you, your woman, your sons, and the women of your sons with you! [Bring out] the living of all flesh with you--the birds, the animals, and the crawlers that crawl upon the earth; bring them out with you so that they may swarm upon the earth, so they may be fruitful, and so they may become many upon the earth!"

18 So came out with his sons, his woman, and the women of his sons. All the animals, all the birds, and all the crawlers crawling upon the earth, in all their kinds, came out from the box.

20 built a sacrificial-altar to Yahweh, and he took from all of the clean livestock, and from all the clean birds, and sent up burnt-offerings on the sacrificial altar. And Yahweh smelled the soothing aroma, and Yahweh said in his heart, "I will never again curse the ground on account of mankind, though the impulses of his heart are evil [even] from his youth, I will never again destroy all the living as I have done!

22 For all the days of the earth--

seeding-time or harvest,

cold or heat,

summer or winter,

day or night

shall not cease!"

Promise and Blessing



1 Then ljm blessed and his sons, saying to them,

2 "Be fruitful, increase, and fill the earth! The fear and dread of you will be over all animals of the earth, and over every bird of the sky, over all that crawl upon the ground, and every fish of the sea; into your hand they are given. Every living crawler will be food for you, as the green plants I gave to, everything. But flesh with its life--its blood--you must not eat. And I will surely demand [account] for your blood--your lives--[spilt] by the hand of any animal. Of [blood spilt] by man by his fellow man, I will demand the life of that man.

6 The shedder of the blood of man,

by man will his blood be shed;

for in his image did ljm make man.

7 But you! be fruitful! increase! swarm over the earth, become great upon her!"

8 ljm spoke to , and his sons also, saying, "I will stand by my promise to you and your descendants after you! Also with every living creature with you--the birds, the livestock, and every animal of the earth with you coming out of the box--every living creature of the earth. I will stand by my promise to you; never again will all flesh be cut off by the waters of a cataclysm; indeed, never again will cataclysm destroy the earth!"

12 And ljm said, "This is the sign of the promise I give between you and I, and between every living creature that is with you, to generations without end. I am hanging my war-bow among the clouds, and it will be the sign of promise between me and the earth. And it shall be that whenever I bring [rain-]clouds over the earth, then the war-bow will appear among the clouds. And I will remember my promise that is between you and I, and every living creature--all flesh--and never again will the waters of the cataclysm come to destroy all flesh. When the bow is among the clouds, I will see her, remembering the never-ending promise between ljm and every living creature--with all flesh that is upon the earth!" And ljm said to , "This sign will be of the promise I stand by between me and all flesh that is upon the earth."

The Drunkenness of ; Prophecies of His Sons


18 The sons of who came out of the box were m, m, and Yefet; m was the father of Knan. These were the sons of , and from these the entire earth was populated.

20 , a man of the soil, began to plant a vineyard. But when he drank of the wine and became drunk, indeed, he uncovered himself within his tent. m, father of Knan, looked upon the nakedness of his father, then told his two brothers outside. But m and Yefet took a garment and laid it upon their shoulders, and walking backward, covered up the nakedness of their father--with their faces turned, as not to see the nakedness of their father.

24 When awoke from his wine, he discovered what his youngest son had done to him. And he said, "Cursed be Knan --slave of slaves shall he be to his brothers!"

And he said,

"Blessed be Yahweh lj m [Yahweh, Mighty-One of m],

may Knan be his slave.

May Yefet be added to by ljm;

may he dwell in the tents of m,

and may Knan be his slave!"

28 After the cataclysm, lived 350 years. All the days of were 950 years, then he died.





1 This is the story of the sons of ---m, m, Yefet, and the sons born to them after the cataclysm. The sons of Yefet: Gmer, Mgg, Mday, Ywn, Tubl, Meek, and Trs.

3 The sons of Gmer: Aknaz, Rfat, and Torgarmj.

4 The sons of Ywn: lj, Tar, Kittm, Ddnm.

5 From these maritime peoples, each spread into territories, with languages according to their tribes and their nations.

6 The sons of m: K, Mirayim, P, and Knan.

7 The sons of K: Sb, wlj, Sbtj, Ramj, and Sabtk. The sons of Ramj: b, Ddn. K fathered Nimrd, who was to be the first tyrant on the earth. He was a mighty oppressor, openly, before the eyes of Yahweh; because of this is the saying- `like Nimrd, a mighty oppressor without regard of Yahweh!' The capitals of his empire [were] Bbel, Erek, Akkd, and Kalnj, in the land of inr. From that land he went to Ar, and he built Ninwj, and Rbt, r and Klaj; and Resen, that large city between Ninwj and Klaj.

13 Mirayim fathered the Ldm, nmm, Lhvm, and the Naftum; also the Patrusm, and Kaslum, from whom there came the Plitm and the Kaftrm.

15 Knan fathered dn, his firstborn, and t; also the Yvs, the mr, and the Girg. Also the iww, the Arq, and the Sn; and the Arwd9, the mr, and the mt; later, the Knan tribes scattered.

19 And the bounds of the Knan were from dn to Grrj as far as Azzj, and towards Sdm, Amrj, Admj, and vyim, as far as La. These were the sons of m according to their tribes, and their languages, by their territories, and by their nations.

21 And sons were also born to m, the older brother of Yefet; he was also the ancestor of the sons of ber.

22 The sons of m: lm, Ar, Arpakad, Ld, and rm.

23 The sons of rm: z, l, Geter, and Ma. Arpakad fathered ela; ela fathered ber. ber had two sons born to him, and the name of one was Peleg, because during his days the earth was divided; and the name of his brother was Yoqn. And Yoqn fathered Almdd, lef, armwet, and Yera; also Hdrm, zl, and Diqlj; and bl, bml, and b; and fir, wlj, and Ybb,---all these were sons of Yoqn. Their region was from M, towards Sfr Har Haqqedem.

31 These were the sons of m, according to their tribes, by their languages, by their territories, and by their nations.

32 These were tribes of the sons of , according to their accounts, by their nations; and from these the nations spread over the earth after the cataclysm.

The Tower of Babel


1 Now the entire earth had one speech with the same words.

2 In their migration from the east they found a plain in the land of inr, and they settled there. They spoke to each other, saying, `Come together, we will make bricks, and fire them hard!" thus, their bricks were their stone, and tar was their mortar. Then they said, `Come, let us build for ourselves a city with a tower with its top in the sky; thus, we shall make a name for ourselves--otherwise, we will become separated across the face of the entire earth!"

5 But Yahweh came down to see the city and tower that the humans built. And Yahweh said, `Look! [the] people are one, all of them have the same language, so this they begin to do! now nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them! Come, we will go down there and confuse their language so each will not be able to understand the language of his neighbor!"

8 So Yahweh scattered them from there across the entire earth, and they stopped building the city. Because of this it was named Babel [Confusion], because from there Yahweh confused the language of all the earth, and from there Yahweh scattered them across the face of the entire earth.

Tldt 5: THE STORY OF m

10 These are the accounts of m; m was 100 years of age when he fathered Arpakad, two years after the cataclysm. And m lived 500 years after he fathered Arpakad, and fathered sons and daughters.

12 Arpakad lived 35 years and fathered ela. And Arpakad lived after he fathered ela 403 years, and fathered sons and daughters.

14 ela lived 30 years and fathered ber. And ela lived after he fathered ber 403 years, and fathered sons and daughters.

16 ber lived 34 years and fathered Peleg. And ber lived after he fathered Peleg 430 years, and fathered sons and daughters.

18 Peleg lived 30 years and fathered R. And Peleg lived after he fathered R 209 years, and fathered sons and daughters.

20 R lived 32 years and fathered rg. And R lived after he fathered rg 207 years, and fathered sons and daughters.

22 rg lived 30 years and fathered Nr. And rg lived after he fathered Nr 200 years, and fathered sons and daughters.

24 Nr lived 29 years and fathered Tera. And Nr lived after he fathered Tera 119 years, and fathered sons and daughters.

26 Tera lived 70 years and fathered Abrm, Nr, and Hrn; and Hrn fathered L.

Tldt 6: Tera

27 And these are accounts of Tera; Tera fathered Abrm, Nr, and Hrn; Hrn fathered L. But Hrn died during the lifetime of Tera his father, in the land of his birth, in r [of the] Kadm.

29 Abrm and Nr took women to themselves; the name of the woman of Abrm was ray, and the name of the woman of Nr was Milkj, daughter of Hrn--father of Milkj and Yiskj. ray was barren, having no child.

31 And Tera took Abrm his son, with L ben-Hrn, son

of his son, and ray his daughter-in-law, woman of Abrm his son, and they set out from r Kadm together, going to the land of Knan; but they came up to rn, and they settled there. Tera lived 205 years, then he died in rn.




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