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Ebionites' List
We have a discussion list at

The Ebionites' List is a place where Ebionites and supporters can compare notes, news, and expression of Yahwistic faith.

There are many places on the Internet where people of every religious orientation can meet, compare, discuss, and argue. THIS NOT ONE OF THOSE PLACES.

While we welcome those sincerely seeking answers to legitimate questions, missionizing and related activities, are not welcome. This being said, please understand that we Ebionites have been a minority for a long time. Here we will have a place where we will not abide persecution.

Join us!

Send an email to the contact address giving your religious  background, primary email address and home address. This information will remain private and nothing will be sent to your email address or home. It is requested to confirm your identity. List members have a right to know with whom  they are sharing their beliefs and sometimes personal information. You must also agree to the list policy, and being a listmember implies that you do. Request subscription.


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