Ebionite Community List

List Policy June 11, 2000
Revised 7/11/2000

Purpose of the List

The purpose of the 'Evyonim List is to promote 'Evyonut by supporting Ebionites and assisting those sympathetic to Ebionites in understanding 'Evyonut. If one does have immediate questions about 'Evyonut and what Ebionites believe, they should refer to http://ebionite.org.

If you are attempting to join the list, please, read the requirements beforehand on the Contact page.

All New Members

Ebionites undergo persecution, ranging from blackballing, denial of employment, to physical attack. The Ebionite List is a refuge for this community and will be kept so as much as possible. Members have a right to know who will be reading their posts.

New members are required to introduce themselves immediately, telling who they are, why they have joined the List, and truly acknowledge that they do not promote Christian beliefs (such as supercessionism; Jesus as a god or part of God, i.e., trinitarianism; antinomianism; Paul as an Apostle; or the need to accept Christianity). Failure to do this within 1 Day will result in possible removal.

We recognize the right of people to have such beliefs, but they must recognize our right not to hear them again, as we are all familiar with them already. Please, respect the rights of List members to know who they share the List with. We ask that all members be truthful and open to questions.

We ask all members to respect the position of the Paqid and Bet Din. Refusal to do so will undoubtedly result in being removed from the list.

At the same time, all sincere and well-intentioned questions should be asked, and sincere and well-intentioned comments made. There has yet to be a person removed from the List after a single intentional disregard for 'Evyonut or without efforts of understanding and reconciliation.

Christians and Other Religious Movements

The Ebionite List is not open to all. But the List is open to any who come to learn, encourage, and support our sect. Such people are welcome, as long as they remember the purpose of the list and do not behave offensively. Doing so will cause the poster to be removed and banned from the List without notice if necessary. This will be done by the Paqid, or by a request made to the Paqid or Bet Din by two members who will make a decision for the removal.

People of other religions or groups have many outlets for their doctrines to be presented. The Ebionite List is not such an outlet. Missionizing by Christians will not be tolerated. Doctrines of Judaism are relevant to 'Evyonut and can be acceptable for comparison and assistance.

Traditional Jewish Members

Jews currently members of traditionally non-Yeshuine branches, Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Reconstruction Rabbinic sects and of non-rabbinic sects like Qaraites are asked to respect the beliefs of the Ebionites. They must agree to not provide any information to anyone concerning Jews who support 'Evyonut without person's permission. Nor will anyone discourage Jewish support of 'Evyonut. There will be no "keeping tabs" on Jewish members of the Evyonim List. Anyone perceived as someone who would hinder Jewish support of 'Evyonut, or hinder the status of such supporters in their respective Jewish communities, will be removed from the Evyonim List.


This List changes and grows. We want a minimum of requirements and will add only when absolutely necessary. List policy including updates will linked from every posting appearing in the footer. Ebionites who would like changes should write to the Paqid.