An Ebionite Pesah, 2000/5760


This year the scattered Evyonim were able to use the same haggadah if they chose to do so. If we are correct, this was the first Ebionite Pesah (Passover) in possibly 1600 years celebrated as a united restored community. A haggadah is a book by which the Passover dinner can be observed with blessings, narative, songs, and instructions. For our family, this, our twentieth celebration of redemption from Mitsrayim (it's all around us), and freedom as Ebionites was the best yet. Pesah is a teaching and learning experience as an act of remembrance to rededicate and refocus our future. We had a good time and it was very meaningful--- a strange mix of party, a lesson, and solemn ritual. We hope everyone had a meaningful Pesah.


Here are just a few pictures .


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Making the matsah (well, matsot). This in itself began the Passover in an act of freedom. I took the matsah-making items from my wife and escaped from the kitchen (a place of slavery). I wanted to try a more primitive matsah, roasting and baking very quickly (5 minutes) in the gas grill. Later we grilled the best lamb we have ever eaten as shishkababs. Everything was great!

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Calling on those who would participate [reenactment of event taking place earlier but restaged by the director].

Seder table pictures. If you are trying to figure out the writing on the sederware, it is Palaeo-Hebrew versions of the various associated blessings for the contents of the bowls and platters. The family members also have their names on their wine bowls.

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Enjoying the Seder.

We literally reclined, taking the legs off the dining room table. In twenty years of Passover, this is the first time we have tried this and very glad we did so. We will install a crane in the ceiling for when we too old or fat to get up, but there's no turning back.The floor is the way to go.



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Tears and anguish provided by Queen Esther Horseradish. No, my wife is not drunk.

The Maror bowl makes its way around while aunt Sue wipes a tear and keeps flames from shooting from her nostrils.

I passed out.


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