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   Evyoni Fonts

Everybody needs more fonts on their machine. In order to correctly convey information, we use a number of fonts.


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The Symbol font (Truetype) is used to show occassional Greek characters. We also use a font that uses upper ASCII to show Hebrew in the same manner as "Web Hebrew" fonts (with the same character assignments) but with added features. Included in the font is transliteration symbols for Hebrew in two schemes to make it backwards compatible with our first special font we used on our sites. And instead of using the "square script" used to represent Hebrew today and over the last few milennia, we use Palaeo-Hebrew script. Palaeo-Hebrew has been used in the past to archaize, that is, to preserve a link to an earlier state of things. That is after all, what we are about, so Palaeo is the perfect script for us to use.

Our masthead shows an example of the Evyoni Palaeo-Hebrew font. It is mapped to keys just as the various Hebrew "web fonts" but includes standard Hebrew transliteration most used in grammars and articles (based on W.S. LaSor, Handbook of Biblical Hebrew, vol.I. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1980. pp. 220-1).

Most pages featuring these transliteration and Palaeo-Hebrew characters (which the Evyoni font allows the reader to see correctly) are marked with a alef.gif (1449 bytes) at the page top. And the picture is linked to this page.

You need these fonts to correctly view pages
NEW 3.27.2000

Download the Evyoni Truetype font Version 2, 7.6.98 (evyoni.zip -165k a zip file) which includes the Evyoni Palaeo Hebrew font Version 2 (evyop_.ttf) You will an "unzip" program. Included now: a Hebrew encoded English/Palaeo Hebrew font; the standard transliteration font; a Palaeo-Hebrew font; and a Hebrew square-script font.

MAC Users: I am new to Mac. For the time being, please download the above Truetype fonts. Then download the font conversion program (ttconvert). Run the program on the fonts and put them in your system folder. (Sorry) [another font converter available is Crossfont available at Winfiles.com

Individual files: May have trouble downloading.

Mac EvyoniMegawriter font

Mac Evyoni Palaeo font



Windows: After downloading self-extracting file: Make sure you choose to 'Save' this file after clicking above. This file is a self-extracting zip that will execute when you double click on it or execute with the Run option on the Start button (Win95+) or File Menu (Win 3.x). Windows users can install this font thru
control panel\fonts\install new font.

Once it is installed look at Hebrew Transliteration Used.

Using the Font on your page

You can use the copyrighted font above (Evyoni MegaWriter /evyonmg.ttf) but please:

1. Include this graphic (use "Save Image As..." to capture)

and include a link in your HTML page code to https://members.tripod.com/~ebionite/fonts.htm


2. Include the following code somewhere on your page:

<A HREF="https://members.tripod.com/~ebionite/fonts.htm"><IMG SRC="https://members.tripod.com/~ebionite/images/evyfonts.gif" ALT="We use 'Evyoni Fonts!" WIDTH="116" HEIGHT="42" border="0"></A><br> <font face="Arial"><font size="-1"> Click here for Palaeo-Hebrew,<BR>and other Ancient fonts!</font></font>

Check back for new fonts and Macintosh versions.

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We use 'Evyoni Fonts!
Click here for Palaeo-Hebrew,
and other Ancient Fonts!

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