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Shalom, and welcome to the Ebionite Community. YHWH is Our Elohim,  YHWH Alone.

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We are striving to restore a Yahwistic, Messianic, Torah Observant Community in the spirit of Renewed Covenant and halakah of Yahshua ben Yosef.


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The Evyonim


















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Scattered across the world are people who have come to relate to beliefs of the ancient Ebionites.


A Mission to the Gentiles

We actively missionize Christians to undo the lies perpetrated by Paul of Tarsus against Yahshua ben-Yosef and the Jewish People in order to bring gentiles to repentence to the Torah of YHWH.


Support of Core Yahwistic Faith

We uphold the singularity of God, the Written Torah, the need of Circumcision, Tiqqune `Olam, and the Chosen People.

We reject pagan practices and beliefs including virgin birth, god-men, and human sacrifice.


We do not Proselytize Israel

While we encourage all to have a closer relationship with YHWH (including ourselves), Jews have nothing to convert to. We do encourage gentiles to convert to Judaism. We actively fight against Christian missions.

We do ask Jews to reconsider Yahshua ben-Yosef in a way free of Christian parody, as a man, teacher, and Jew.


We welcome ALL, and disavow all forms of racism





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I am Shemayah Ha'evyoni* and began describing myself as an Ebionite  in the early 1980s. These pages are my efforts to serve, to be an 'eved (servant) to those seeking this Way.



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