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Shalom, and welcome to the Ebionite Community. YHWH is Our Elohim,  YHWH Alone.

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We are striving to restore a Yahwistic, Messianic, Torah Observant Community in the spirit of Renewed Covenant and halakah of Yahshua ben Yosef.









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The Evyonim


















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Scattered across the world are people who have come to relate to beliefs of the ancient Ebionites.

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I am Shemayah Ha'evyoni* and began describing myself as an Ebionite  in the early 1980s. These pages are my efforts to serve, to be an 'eved (servant) to those seeking this Way.

We welcome ALL, and disavow all forms of racism.


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Table of Contents
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The Evyonim
Learn about the ancient Ebionites, their non-Christian understanding of Yahshua, their rejection of Paul of Tarsos, and their modern heirs.

Report discrimination against Ebionites, Jews, and non-Christians.

You're in the Tanak-Belt now! Hebrew Faith is best expressed with Hebrew terminology. Learn what all these funny words we use mean.

Little by little...you can find translations that try to honor and reflect the non-western, Semitic culture of the Bible and related writings.

A depository of informative materials, including links, pertinent to matters discussed on the site. Excerpts of works and reviews of recent scholarship, Biblical subjects, and an annotated Reading List will be found here.

Remembrance. For over two thousand years saints holding fast to Yahweh, His Torah, and Covenant have died horribly at the hands of Christian authorities, bigots, inquisitors, and thugs. Here is a witness to such acts for each day of the year.

Correspondence where concerns, questions, and responses are given. Tell us what you think of the site here! (Please send an e-mail for fast reply.)

Sukkot!!! Tabernacles


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