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You should soon be able to type in the above address to find our pages. (7.15.98)

smallnew.gif (926 bytes)Read the Torah with us. We will begin Bereshiyt (Gen 1.1-6.8) for Shabbbat Oct.17, 1998 (Tishri 27, 5759). More info? (7.15.98)

This Site!
Some of our older friends know that there is another Ebionite Community site at Geocities. That site will change somewhat into an extension of this site. Ever type in the Geocities URL? Phew!

You can still reach us at: ebyoni@geocities.com

We have owned this domain name since last summer but have not activated it. Should we?

We have a list!
We now have a list, actually trying it out, where Ebionites can discuss Ebionite stuff. Are you sincerely considering the Ebionite approach to faith in Yahweh? Find out more about the Listserv.

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