Tanak, Bible, and Authority:
Table of Contents

ari3sr.gif (1515 bytes) Hebrew Calendar Program
Kaluach Calendar Program with the Readings. Get this!
ari3sr.gif (1515 bytes) Readings & Haftarot
See Chapters and verses listing for each with the additonal readings from the Prophets.
ari3sr.gif (1515 bytes) Hear the Torah
Find readings, hear readings sung, read divre Torah, and more. Unaffiliated with Ebionites.
ari3sr.gif (1515 bytes) Ebionite Divre Torah
Read Commentaries by Shemayah Phillips on the Weekly Readings.
ari3sr.gif (1515 bytes) The Tanak, or Bible: An Introduction
Learn about the Real Bible (Work in progress)